• October 27, 2021

Aydos Castle

The Aydos Castle restoration has begun in 2010. Archaeological excavations of the fortification wall and inside of the fortifications in the castle area have been completed under the supervision of the Archeology Museums Directorate. The restoration process of the city walls (archaeological excavation, project design, implementation) took place between 2010-2014 and the restoration for the architectural structures within the city walls (archaeological excavation, project design, application) took place between 2015-2018.

Within the scope of opening the castle to tourism, an area of 39 hectares was rented as a Type B recreation area. The development and management plans of the recreation area were prepared and approved by the relevant institutions and boards. The 1st stage landscaping projects of Aydos Castle, which is located within the B-type recreation area, have been approved.

Within the scope of opening the area to visitors, the 2nd stage landscaping project is the work of designing the area as an archaeopark area. After the application is made as an archeopark area, areas such as workshops, exhibition and reception hall, restaurant, viewing terraces, the open-air museum will be created in and around the castle.