Sultanbeyli, with an area of 29 km2 lies on the Anatolian side of Istanbul and is geographically located between the Aydos Mountain, which is the highest hillside of Istanbul, with an altitude of 537, and the Teferrüç Mountain. The district lies 130 meters above sea level and has an important location in terms of logistics, as it is located at the highway exit of Istanbul leading to Anatolia. The Trans-European North-South Highway (TEM) passes through the middle of the district, which separates Sultanbeyli’s 15 neighborhoods located in the north and south of the highway.

Demographic Structure

The current population of the district is 343,318. Children between the ages of 0-14 make up 28.8% of the population, and 26.6% are young people between the ages of 15 and 29. This shows that Sultanbeyli has a young and dynamic population. To support a well-educated group of adults in the future, it is of great importance to increase investments in education, nutrition, health, and culture. However, the ratio of 0-4 age group is significantly lower than 5-9 age group, which is an indicator of a decreasing trend in childbirth.

Green City

The borders of Sultanbeyli are formed by two forests by the Teferrüç state forest in the northeast and the Aydos Mountain Forest in the southwest. The entire Aydos Mountain Forest is a 1st-degree natural protected area. Atop one of the hills of the Aydos Forest lies the Aydos Castle, which is a later period Byzantine Castle, dated between the 11th and 13th centuries. The area where the castle is located is registered as a first-degree archaeological site.

The rapid increase in the world population and urbanization, industrialization, and the resulting unconsciousness in the use of resources affect all countries of the world negatively. This situation forms a thread to Sultanbeyli since the district is a developing region.

For this reason, the Green City Sultanbeyli project has been prepared by considering principles such as reducing the impact of the city on the environment, using renewable energy sources, producing the lowest level of waste, and using recycled materials.

The aim of the Green City Sultanbeyli project is to contribute to sustainable development by providing training and consultancy services for implementation, innovation, solution development, and project evaluation on regional development, urban and environmental issues. At the same time, it is to encourage and develop scientific studies on urban and environmental issues, to increase the level of knowledge and applications.
Green City Concept and Brand Licensing Activities
Green City brand concept will be prepared.
Industry committees will be selected.
National and international standards for sector boards will be determined.
License agreement samples will be prepared.
A website and mobile application will be prepared.
Visual materials will be prepared for the municipality’s current environmental activities and information activities. (logo, dressing, billboard, etc.)

Energy Saving and Production Activities

In order to contribute to the construction process throughout the district in the context of energy efficiency, concept studies will be carried out, starting with the buildings and areas belonging to our municipality.
Saving data and methods to be obtained within the scope of these studies will be announced throughout the district in the convenience and accessibility of sampling.
The contributions of the ecological house concept to the household economy and environmental sustainability will be introduced to the citizens through various information activities.

The activities mentioned above will be gradually spread throughout Sultanbeyli.